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Quality Black Silver Tabby, Black Silver Spotted, Blue, Black, Blue & Brown Spotted.

Limatz British Shorthairs

Proud members of the GCCF Accredited Breeders Scheme

Limatz Cats

Breeders of the Supreme Best Of Variety British Kitten 2011 and 2013 Adult!

Welcome to Limatz Cats

We have owned (or should I say been owned by) British since 2001, making a natural progression to small hobby breeders of Black Silver Classic Tabby, Black Silver Spotted and Black Smoke British Shorthair in 2005, then in 2011 we had our first litter of Blues and Blue spotted, in 2013 we added beautiful Brown Spotted to our cat family

Our prefix is Limatz and is registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) our much loved friend and mentor Ursula Graves of Sargenta Cats suggested the name as an amalgamation of Lizz and Matt.

We breed primarily for health and temperament and are proud to be a PKD Negative cattery.

We are proud members of the Tabby Cat Club, The British Shorthair Cat Club, The Shorthaired Cat Society and the Humberside Cat Club.

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